Welcome to the Divine Rescue we provide help and support for people who are in crisis, homeless and other vulnerable situations, whoever and wherever they are in the community. We are a Christian community group based in Bloomsbury in the West End of London. We work with people of all faiths with the vision to change lives for the better in our local community. Our volunteers’ generosity in helping us deliver our services, means we can make a real difference in the lives of people who require help and support. We provide many services for people in need by providing clothing, food, mentoring and training opportunities. Volunteers are the backbone of Divine Rescue without them we simply would not be able to deliver our services.

Divine Rescue Services

Divine Rescue Partnerships


We Are Here

We are always there to help people who are in need. No matter the personal crisis, we are always ready to support and we never give up.



We Fight Againt Hunger

There are currently over 170,000 homeless people in London and 27% of Londoners have a low income including families. It is our aim to ensure that no one goes hungry. Providing food banks and securing partnerships in our mission to fight hunger.


We Believe In People

Volunteers are the backbone of Divine rescue, we rely on the humanity and compassion in people. We appreciate all our volunteers, partners and kind hearted donators who keep this charity in action.

How We Use Your Donations: 

As with all organisations, Divine Rescue must cover its overheads, running costs & administration. These will cover things, for example, such as premises, utilities, insurances, staff costs, food collections etc. Once these, & any extraordinary costs have been met, 100% of any donations/ fundraising/ sponsorship we receive goes towards supporting our clientele. We do this by empowering clients that are ready for, & in need of training. Some of the funding is used to add to the clothes donated for clients e.g. buying toiletries, underwear & socks etc., i.e. the simple things that are sometimes forgotten. We sometimes purchase travel passes to allow clients to attend necessary appointments e.g. housing, GP’s, interviews, Jobcentre etc. Please take the time to explore our website & find out more about the services we are able to offer. You can use the button below to make a donation, or if you would like more information about Divine Rescue, the services we offer, or have any queries, please contact us.

Your Small Change Can Do Big Things.

We rely solely on Donations. It is YOU that makes a difference.

Why Not Volunteer?

Volunteering with us is quite easy, why not get involved in one of our reform projects, it doesn’t matter what your skill sets, experience or background are or how much time you have to give. With so many opportunities we always have something to suit you. 

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