Divine Rescue, is a Community Based organization supporting destitute, deprived and disadvantage women, men and widows, as well as children in orphanages. You can help by donating fairly used or new items for women, men and children (including books, shoes and any learning materials) . 

At Divine Rescue, we are committed to integrity. As matters of morality, finances and ethics are handled with complete integrity. We have a strong sense of purpose. We are committed to reach the lost, encourage and equip the homeless whilst strengthen relationships and spreading the message of hope. 

You can also help us by donating using the donate button or by contacting Sister Catherine on the details below. 

Sister Catherine Msoni 

37 Great Russell Street 

London WC1B 399 

Tel:0203 489 1765 
Mob: 075888 48199 

Our Partners


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