Touching and Changing Lives

Welcome to the Divine Rescue website, where you will find information on how we provide help and support for people in crisis, homeless and other vulnerable people whoever and wherever they are in the community. We are a Christian community group based in Southwark in South East London. We work with people of all faiths to change lives in our local community. "Our volunteers' generosity in helping us deliver our services, means we can make a real difference in the lives of people in need of help and support. Volunteers are the backbone of Divine Rescue without them we simply would not be able to deliver our services. Volunteering with us is quite easy, why not get involved in one of our reform projects, it doesn't matter what your skill sets, experience or background are or how much time you have to give. With so many opportunities we always have something to suit you.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer-led humanitarian charity organization based in South London called Divine Rescue. We help the homeless, ex-offenders, sex workers, vulnerable people and people in crisis within the community. When the crisis is over, we help people recover and move on with their lives, we intend to extend our reach further to other areas of London and UK. We have a strong team of dedicated volunteers that have helped and supported many people turn their lives around. Helping people come off drugs, help resolve alcohol related issues, tackle and educate people about antisocial behaviour, rehabilitation of ex-offenders, sex workers. We also provide National Vocational Qualification training via our affiliates to help people be more self-sufficient and become a valued member of society. Initially we started our project from a bench in 2005 at East Street, Southwark, and with the help of our committed team of volunteers and with support from Red Ochre, The Southwark Police and former NDC. We were able to move to our newly acquired office at the Thurlow Lodge Community in 2010. Divine Rescue was voted The Community Group Member of the year at the Active Citizen Awards 2010 organized by Volunteer Centre. In 2011 we were voted the Community Group of the Year at the Dragon Event hosted by the community. Divine Rescue was recognized for its contribution and commitment to the community at a volunteer-led-group in 2011 by the Worshipful Deputy Mayor of Southwark Councillor Lorraine Lauder (MBE). We have been supporting our street homeless friends and those who are less privileged in our community with foods, cloths, hostel referrals, hospital visit, support with bereavement, counselling advice, dealing with other agencies and sign posting them where they can find information to help them turn their lives around.