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We have Outreach Teams where we mostly provide sandwiches & introduce our services to clients in Southwark & the surrounding areas. During street visits the Outreach Teams tell clients about Divine Rescue’s services yet do not impose on them.  We ask clients to spread the word regarding our services & we also let them know when we will be back in the area. Having found out about Divine Rescue & the services we offer, some of these clients will come directly to us, up to three times per day, when we are serving food.  However, some clients may have mobility issues & may not be able to make it to us.  This is where the Outreach team come into their own & may sometimes bring a Keyworker with them to offer clients additional support.

The Outreach Teams are deeply committed & also network with other organisations/agencies, creating win-win situations where potentially both organisations can be strengthened. The Outreach Teams prefer returning to base with empty food bags, however they recognise the work they do is not just about giving out food, but relating to people, not patronising them.  All clients are invited to come for free meals which include: breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea. Depending on their needs, we will offer support through clothes that are donated by local residents/businesses.

Divine Rescue

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