Assisting Clients

We have keyworkers who are dedicated & available to assist clients with a range of issues. The keyworkers assess clients situation & cater their support to meet their particular needs.  Sometimes this may involve dealing with other agencies & sign posting clients to them as they may be best placed to help clients with particular issues. Other times, it may involve issuing clothes that have been donated by the local community. Referrals may include:

– Housing/hostel/accommodation referrals

– Benefits guidance/gaining employment

– Mental health issues

– Support with bereavement

– Detox/rehab referrals

– GP registration

Ultimately we aim to empower clients by way of training, whether it be functional, IT or jobsearch etc.  We encourage our clients to get involved with our training programs to promote a real sense of well-being & working towards job readiness/independence. Our current weekly service schedules for Keyworker support are: Drop-in/by appointment

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