Stephen Stephen Mitchell

In 2012, I was released from prison & I wanted a way out of my addictive lifestyle, so I attempted to distance myself from the circle of negative people whom I had associated with previously.

I was trying to get detachment & closure from the situation that I faced, but that made me feel lonely & suicidal, because I was left with no true friends & social life.

It was a very painful moment of my life, living in my own head.

One day, I was recommended to visit Divine Rescue for company & to fill my time. At Divine Rescue I felt welcomed & accepted. I was introduced to former alcoholics, drug addicts & people that made me believe that it is possible to recover.

Robert, one of the Divine Rescue keyworkers referred me to a detox centre & I managed to get into rehab.

That changed my life! The rehab helped me to realise that it is not possible to have the drugs & alcohol without being addicted & that I would end up with the same unwanted results, unless I changed my mindset.

I graduated from the rehab on May 2014, & I am still clean & sober today! I am working in all aspects of supporting homeless, vulnerable adults & I am house managing at the rehab centre by mentoring & consulting them.

*Stephen says ‘do not hesitate to ask for help & to join the circle of change!’*

*Stephen recommends to follow others steps & to keep it simple going through the 12 steps!*


Kristina DeSalvio Kegley

As long as I can remember, I have always known that I was adopted. My adoptive mom & dad told me so right away as a baby. They openly discussed it so I knew it before I could comprehend it or ever feel that being adopted was somehow less than normal. I knew that my birth mother was from England.

I knew that she loved the arts, had a twin, & that my birth father was from Italy, & loved to sing. I grew up always feeling special with the knowledge that my birth mother chose my wellbeing over her own self interests & that my adoptive parents chose me to love & cherish. Even so, always in the back of my mind I thought it would be nice to meet my birth mother/father one day. I never seriously looked for them since I lived in the United States & was busy with a life that included career, marriage, & then children.

In November 2013, after making some serious life changes which gave me more free time, I decided to learn the ins & outs of Facebook. While on my News Feed, I clicked “Messages”. Then I noticed, the link titled “Other” & the link titled “More”. This is where I read messages from my birth mother, Margaret Elias, dated from December 2011 to November 2013, & from Catherine Msoni from Divine Rescue in London, from November 2012. Catherine’s messages included Margaret’s mobile number & reiterated that she wanted to contact me.

At first I thought it couldn’t be true but I decided to call anyway. From my conversation with Margaret, & from facts she shared, I believed. Catherine facilitated our communication further by “friending me” on Facebook. I sent her pictures, we shared phone numbers, other vital information, & communicated via various computer programs as well as phone. She was always very willing & so helpful.

In May 2015, my adoptive mom & I spent a week in London & had our first face-to-face meeting with my birth mother. It was wonderful to finally match her face with a voice & to get to know her. The days flew by without me even having a chance to contact Margaret’s sister & her husband, Kathleen & Robert Dunn. They live outside of London, somewhere in the country, near Oxford University. Hopefully one day I will receive their contact information so that I can know them too.

Even though the week ended too quickly, my adoptive mom & I were able to visit with Catherine & some volunteers from Divine Rescue at Margaret’s home on one of the days. Catherine took pictures of all of us together. It was so nice that she was able to do that for us without even being asked, & then she made sure that I received copies of them as well. All in all it was a wonderful trip. Thanks to Catherine’s help we shared an unforgettable experience, & created lasting memories.


David Lam

I have no father & I used to live with my mother.

When I was 30 years old my mother kicked me out so I became homeless for three months during the winter. One day, looking for food & a warm place, I went to Divine Rescue. I met the Keyworker team which made me feel comfortable, provided me with options & referred me to organisations.


I went through depression & anxiety but now I feel able to cope with life.

While I got my accommodation my mother called me & asked to see me again. She felt proud about me & my process, & took me on a trip with her to see my grandmother in Canada. I go to see her every now & then, spending time with her, helping her with the gardening & the house.

*I recommend people to not hesitate & go to Divine Rescue for advice & support when they are facing rough times.*

*No matter what we are facing we should stay away from drugs.*

*People should always feel proud about themselves no matter what!*


Keith Thomson


After many years living and working in Southwark, I experienced housing problems.

The council didn’t supported me and I became homeless sleeping rough in Burgess park, for three months, during the winter. I took action and started to look for solicitors in Camberwell and luckily I got my flat back.

While I was going through this process, I didn’t forgot what I had experienced a long my journey. One day I met the Divine Rescue outreach team and decided to join it. Divine Rescue inspired me to get my social worker diploma, move on with my life, and now I am helping others who are struggling and sleeping rough, by teaching and mentoring them.

* Keith says that it could happen to anybody.*

* Since meeting Divine Rescue, which has helped him to move forwards and feel happy again, Keith is now there for people who are less fortuned than him.*