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There are numerous simple ways you can help to fundraise & support DRescue’s efforts to continue the work we do.  Whether that be on an individual, group or organisational basis,  we place an equal emphasis on fun participation as well as raising funds. Here are some simple suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

  • Guess the Baby: create a ‘guess who the baby in the picture is’ from pictures gathered through family, friends & colleagues.  This can either be a live event or via social media where recent photos have to be matched to baby photos.  Pay to play
  • Carwash: charge your family, friends & colleagues to wash their cars
  • Skills Auction: starting with yourself, get people with a particular skill/expertise/talent to auction their abilities for a day
  • Shave-athon: a simple tried & tested fundraiser where people shave long-standing facial hair or hair from their head
  • Gamers Giving: Gamers can fundraise through video gaming marathons.  The event can be live-streamed via social media etc.  Teams can be organised or it can be a one-on-one knockout tournament.  Audience/viewers can donate re: submitted challenges, levels attained etc.
  • Goalie Shoot Out: get your family, friends & colleagues to join in with a beat the goalie competition, perhaps with a prize for the most goals/saves.  Make it a pay to play
  • Raffles: get friends, families or local businesses to donate prizes which you can raffle off to fundraise
  • Going Without: get sponsored to give up something over a set period e.g. chocolate for a fortnight, computer games for a week, alcohol/cigarettes for month, speaking for a day, driving for a week etc.
  • Recipe Books: crowd-source recipes from a variety of supporters, including family & friends.   Compile these into a hard-copy charity cookbook, or even a Pdf,

Of course, we deeply & sincerely appreciate support from ALL donors, fundraisers, partners & sponsors etc.

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