Touching and Transforming Lives Since 2005

Divine Rescue is a registered charity that was inspired & driven by the faith of Catherine Msoni, & Lucklyn Ezedom, in 2005. Initially the project began from a bench in East Street, Southwark, with the help of a committed team of volunteers; support of Southwark Police; the former NDC & ‘Red Ochre’.

Divine Rescue’s mission statement aims to touch & change lives through training & mentoring; supporting clients through hard times, e.g. helping the homeless & substance abuse victims to find their pathway through social support & care to achieve their goals.  To provide excellent services for the people we work for, & to develop new services where we know there is a need & that we are best placed to meet it.

In 2010, Divine Rescue moved to Thurlow Lodge Community Centre & maintains a strong bond with their clientele, the community & continues to fundraise.

In 2019 Divine Rescue moved to its current location 37 Great Russell Street.

Divine Rescue Honors

  • 2016 Winner Housing Heroes Award
  • 2013 Winner Stephen Lawrence Award
  • 2013 Mission Award
  • 2013 Team London Award
  • 2013 Southwark Civic Award
  • 2012 Southwark Civic Award
  • 2012 Volunteer Award
  • 2011 Volunteer -led Group Award
  • 2010 ‘Community Group Member of the Year’ at the ‘Active Citizen’s Awards’ organised by the Volunteer Centre
  • Community Group of the Year in 2010, at the ‘Aylesbury´s community ‘Dragon Event
  • Volunteer-led Group

In 2011, Divine Rescue was recognised by the Deputy Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Lorraine Lauder, (MBE) for its contribution & commitment to the community at a volunteer-led group.

Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Althea Smith, recognised Divine Rescue again, in 2012, for their continuing work & commitment to the homeless & disadvantaged.

Divine Rescue

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